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Henry PLEDGER came from Aldingbourne (W Sussex) before settling in Ripley, Surrey.To settle in Ripley, he had to have a 'Settlement Certificate' from his home parish, this was witnessed by a John PLEDGER, who I have assumed to be his father. However this is not proven, and no other records from Aldingbourne have been found to confirm or deny this.
Henry`s daughter Sarah married James STANTON.
In Ripley Henry established a blacksmiths business in Ripley which lasted into the 20th century
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mar: 3 Oct 1766
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mar: ?/?/1805
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Henry PLEDGER came from Aldinbourne (Sussex - near Chichester). He moved to Ripley (Surrey) where he was a blacksmith. There he married Jane AUSTIN (who's birthplace is unknown), after thir first child (Henry jnr) was born, the parish of Send & Ripley served a 'removal order' on them, this was to guard against the possibilty of them becoming a burden on the parish ratepayers should Henry be unable to work. They returned in 1768 with a "settlement certificate" from Aldinbourne, which guaranteed that his home parish would take him back if he fell on hard times.
The PLEDGER family remained in Ripley until 1907 as the village blacksmiths (the village history books have photographs of Henry's great grandson John at the Smithy in the 1880's).
Sarah's baptism seems to have been lost in the confused state of the Send & Ripley parish registers (two villages, two churches one parish. The registers are very mixed up!). However proof of her parents finally came from her mother's will, which referred to "my daughter Sarah wife of James STANTON".

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