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5x Great Grandparents 
mar: 13 Sep 1761
5x Great Grandparents 
4x Great Grandparents 
mar: 2 Apr 1799
4x Great Grandparents 
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Thomas & Mary were married in Godalming (Surrey). Searches so far have failed to find the birth (and therefore parents) of either of them. The parish registers (births of their children) indicate that they lived in Godalming until c1770, then moved to Compton (village c4 miles away) until c1780, when they returned to Godalming.
Following the death of her husband Charles, Jane seems to have moved to Bramley, where two of her daughters were living (Sarah HAMPSHIRE and Esther STANTON), Sarah registered her mother's death in 1853, she is buried in Bramley churchyard.

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