STANTON / MacLEAN Family History
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Joan Rosemary (MacLEAN) STANTON : 6 Oct 1921 - 27 Feb 2007


Joan Rosemary (MacLEAN) STANTON
Mum left this where she knew we would find it at this time TNS. 10 Mar 2007
To all my family with thanks for the wonderful life you have helped me to live
I was quite happy with my lovely boys three
But those who had daughters would all pity me
They said, "We'll have our children all of our lives
But your sons will leave you at sometime for wives."
But sayings are sayings, and not always true
For my sons have their wives and I never feel blue.
For I now have three daughters, and my family has grown.
Always with love, and with much laughter sown.
There are children, and children all of whom I'm so proud,
Nieces and nephews a wonderful crowd.
But time is swift passing, and it cannot be long
Till I must leave you my darlings, but it would be wrong
To forget all the fun we have had through the years
Remember me my loved ones, raise your glass and say 'Cheers'
Think of jokes we have laughed at, and toast me in gin -
Or brandy - or wine, to have fun is no sin.
And think of the times you have said on the phone
"Where were you when I rang?" With a laugh in your tone.
Now don't worry my darlings that you cannot call
For you know where I am, I am here with you all.

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