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Little information has been found about Sarah WORSFOLD. The name WORSFOLD is very common name in West Surrey, making research difficult. The wills of Sarah\'s brothers have enabled me to put together a \'tree\' of (at least some) of her siblings and their children, but even with these clues, I have been unable to identify her parents and birthplace.

One possibility is that they were descended from John WORSFOLD who was apparently one of the original labourers during the construction of the Wey Navigation canal, and there appears to be a lock named after him (`Worsfold Gates`, near Send). In 1671 he made a claim against the Navigation of £60 ‘for work done in repairing the banks of the river at a rate of 5 shillings per week’. This family link is pure speculation, but may explain the BAVERSTOCK family`s later association with the `Wey and Arun Junction` canal.
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6x Great Grandparents 
  6x Great Grandparents 
5x Great Grandparents 
mar: 10 Oct 1775
5x Great Grandparents 
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