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The name BRENNAN is derived from:-  (Irish) From the Irish surname O'Braonáin which means "descendent of Braonán". Braonán is a first name meaning "sorrow" (Irish braon "tear drop").
Little is known about the BRENNAN family - It is presumed that they came from Ireland to London during the famine.
John (jnr)'s marriage certificate gives his father's name as John (a mason).
On the 1891 census, John gave his birthplace as Kilkenny, this is the only known evidence as to where the family came from.
Kilkenny is famous for its marble quarry, this fits with John (snr)'s occupation.
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2x Great Grandparents 
2x Great Grandparents 
Great Grandparents 
mar: 23 Dec 1877
Great Grandparents 
mar: 18 Aug 1909
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